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Driven by learning to uncover customer insights and needs in order to develop successful web solutions.

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About Glenn

I found passion for codes when I was 12 years old and have been learning since then.

Hello! I'm a freelance web developer with interest in human behavior and business. I always write code with my clients business goals in mind and have a sense for what to prioritize within timeframes and budgets.

I posses extensive experience in creation of web and mobile applications, WordPress themes and plugins, API integrations, and e-commerce sites.

On a daily basis I strive to write efficient and clean code that utilize standards-based implementations and modern technologies.

When I am not coding, you'll find me at the gym, reading a book, playing chess or with my Macbook playing around with the latest web technologies.

Web development (Laravel, WordPress)
Mobile development (React Native, Vue.js)
Game development (Phaser.js, HTML5)
Web design (HTML/CSS)
Software design (TDD/SOLID/OOP/MVC)
Web servers (Nginx, Apache)
Databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL)
Node.js (Webpack, Gulp.js, Grunt.js)
“ I have worked with Glenn for two years and he always deliver above expectations. 100% recommended! ”

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“ Glenn have a natural sense to find creative and efficient solutions for our challenges. ”

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“ I have learned a lot from working with Glenn, he makes it easy to understand complex technical solutions. ”

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Some work I have done

Campaignforest is my own side-project and a service to help businesses create engaging and fun marketing campaigns.

The platform includes a simple interface for users to customize their campaigns, live-statistics, participants and much more.

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Fjordclub Minside is the members club for the ferry company Fjordline in Norway.

I was introduced to the project in the start-up stage and was taking part in the core development team where I helped out in the process of planning the technical architecture.

Further my role has been as a back-end developer where I have created functionality such as custom integrations, authentication and the different modules.

Visit site no is a community for high school graduates in Norway with hundreds and thousands of active users.

I have worked a lot on this project and my main role has been as a back-end developer but I have done a lot of front-end development and some web design too.

Mainly I have optimized and created new features for the community. This is a big project with a lot of functionality, so the codebase is huge, and I believe I have touched every single file.

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Bridge Color Race

Bridge Color Race is a game I created just to get to learn more about game development.

The game includes features such as In-App Purchases, Facebook integration to share highscore with friends and much more.

I learned that game development can be very fun and very hard. Even this simple 2D-game required many hard responsive calculations and math challenges.

I developed a beautiful custom WordPress-theme from a static web design. The site is very clean and easy to use for both the visitors and site owners.

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Pilot Flight Academy is a popular academy for educating students to become pilots.

I was given a static web design by which I created a custom multi-language WordPress-theme. Much of the work consisted of customizing the WordPress-admin to integrate it with custom services and to make it easy to work with.

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An online magazine for Jotun to post valuable information about painting.

Developed an custom WordPress-site with the requirement to have a responsive IE9+ supported grid that could display horizontal and vertical positioned photos in random order. Much work was also put into customizing WordPress treatment of media uploads.

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Ferie i Sverige is an inspirational content site about Sweden from Fjordline.

I built this site with WordPress and it's based on a custom static web design. Much work consisted of optimize posts listing relevance by customizing WordPress.

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